PlentyOfFish in the WSJ

i couldn’t help but smile while reading Lee Gomes’s WSJ article about the article talks about how PlentyOfFish is run by one guy and generates revs of $5 – $10 million. way to go!

first, i have to admit that i had never heard of PlentyOfFish before today. but while the article points out how it’s easier today to start & run web-based businesses (lower cost servers, lower cost bandwidth, Google Ads, etc…), i found it ironic that it’s probably now going to make it even tougher for entrepreneurs to make a living with their “small” web startups – now everybody is going to want to start a web-based business! more businesses = more competition = lower chances of “making it” for most entrepreneurs…


One Response to “PlentyOfFish in the WSJ”

  1. miahoffman98317 Says:

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