NY Times article on Mobile LBS app

Article in the NY Times (reg. required) today about a mobile guide service launched in Japan through the collaboration of US & Japanese firms. The application combines GPS & an electronic “compass” to give users real-time location information about their surroundings (such as directions). As typical with many mobile services launched in Asia, don’t expect this type of service in the US anytime soon…

It sounds like a cool application, but we’re going to run into the old chicken-and-egg problem with these types of services: carriers are probably going to be hesitant to fast-track these services until they see evidence for large-scale user adoption, which makes it harder for LBS developers & vendors to develop services at a lower cost, which in turn makes it less likely consumers are going to adopt these services b/c of cost issues (i.e. people are cheap!), which means we’re going to have a lot of fits-and-starts in the US before GPS services gets any serious traction…


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