A new Chaperone from Verizon

After the announcements from Sprint & Disney about their kid tracking services, it's not surprising to see Verizon come out with their own version. Verizon is calling their service "Chaperone" and you can check out this article to see more details, but the basics are the same as the others (i.e., subscribers pay a monthly fee to track the location of a handset). So far, it looks like the service only works with Verizon's LG Migo handset…

As I mentioned here & here, don't hold your breath for these services to kick-start LBS. Kids don't want to be tracked and as ABI analyst Ken Hyers stated, “vendors will need to set realistic expectations for their customers. In many cases, this will mean educating the public on the real-world availability and accuracy of cellular A-GPS.”


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