What services could drive sharing of camera phone pictures?

Not surprising to see this NPD report about the missed opportunities in sharing camera phone pictures: 50% of U.S. subscribers have camera phones, but only 20% of consumers with camera phones actually share them wirelessly. 80% of the time people just leave their camera phone pictures on their handsets. That's a lot of potential dollars being left on the table.

Others have talked about ways to improve the adoption of MMS, which usually come down to making it easier and cheaper to share. It seems so obvious, but a couple of years into MMS and we're still pointing to the same inhibitors.

An equally important question: besides moblogs, what are some other potential services that could drive camera phone picture sharing? An overlooked potential application is using camera phone pictures as a valuable indicator of presence information. If the goal of sharing presence information is to communicate one's "present state" (where are you, what are you doing, what is your availability to interact), then camera phone pictures could be ideal presence indicators because (a) people can share presence info using their camera phones anytime, anywhere and (b) people can often communicate richer presence information by sharing a picture than they could by sending text ("a picture is worth a thousand words").

So if you start thinking of camera phone photos as more than just content for photo diaries (i.e., moblogs), how can you incorporate them to connect people together in new ways? That's the type of service that'll create the emotional compulsion needed to drive further camera phone picture sharing.

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