CNET article on mobile social

After all the attention people have been giving to mobile video, it looks like mobile social might be gaining some currency. People may finally be realizing that the cell phone is so ubiquitous b/c it lets people communicate & connect with others. That's why I think mobile social communities (and not something like mobile video) will be the next big thing in mobile: the most popular apps / services have historically been those that enable people to communicate & connect with others (ex. email, IM, VOIP, social networking sites) and mobile social has the potential to enable new types of social interactions.

CNET has a good article that frames why mobile social may be ready to take off: improved mobile infrastructure that can support more robust data services (3G), cell phones are ubiquitous, and same people who "socially network" are also the heaviest users of text & picture messaging. My favorite part of the article is the end: despite the potential, mobile Internet apps still don't work well across different carrier networks / handsets and a prominent research analyst voices doubts about the cell phone when compared to the PC.

Stay tuned to see how this script plays out…

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