Pew: How Americans use cell phones

Pew released a good report on how Americans use cell phones. There were some pretty interesting findings in the reports. But, of course, I guess it always depends on your vantage point. For example, I was a little surprised to see all the excerpts from the report highlighting how everybody seems to want mobile maps; here's a graph taken from AOL Mobile's announcement of the report:

Since AOL owns MapQuest, I guess it was in their best interest to hype the findings on mobile mapping. What was "hidden" in the actual report, though, was that only 4% of adults are using mobile maps today – compared to 35% of adults using text messaging today or 28% of adults taking camera phone pictures today. So while AOL hypes it as an opportunity, I think it's probably a bigger indicator that it's kinda tough to use current map services on your cell phones. Here's hoping that MapQuest's new service hits the mark.

Another FYI on the results is that Pew only surveyed adults 18+. I imagine the results could be markedly different if the survey was based on teen usage (especially for maps: teens who don't drive would really have no use for mobile maps).

The most interesting tidbit for me was the finding that 22% of cell phone owners sometimes lie about their location. I'm not sure what prompted Pew to ask the question, but since you always have your cell phone and sometimes you're bound to be doing something you're not supposed to be doing or don't want other people to know, and one thing leads to another…

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