Mobile marketing + mobile video? Hmm…

Just saw this Magna Global report (through MobHappy and eMarketer) on corporate interest in Mobile Marketing. IF it's done in the right way (now that's a big IF), marketing to the most personal & pervasive device (your mobile phone) makes enormous sense for companies in an increasingly fragmenting media world.

Here's an excerpt from the Magna Global report (apologies if I'm taking this out of context, but I haven't seen the report and don't have the money to spend to purchase it):

"With this footprint, we expect that advertising will ultimately play an important role in the mobile video world. The best opportunities to market to consumers in mobile environments will be through integrated mobile communications devices, and the industry will likely require ad-support to reach the widest possible audience."

Linking mobile marketing and mobile video together seems like a leap right now; can't we at least get one of those markets to take off before we start talking about them together? There are a lot of other ways that companies can experiment with and launch mobile marketing campaigns without having to wait for mobile video to take off.

Personally, I'm also not ready to jump on the mobile video train just because everybody is excited about online video (btw, did you see any of the March Madness games online? Pretty cool stuff). Needless to say, online video and mobile video are two totally different platforms: one of them you're sitting in front of a large screen and viewing surprisingly high-quality video; the other, you're probably out-and-about with a small screen looking at so-so quality and paying a lot for it…

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